Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation 2008 New Mexico and Colorado

Ok so I did not take any pictures in New Mexico at the family reunion, thank goodness for Bruce and Steve Boyd for making the slide show of all the pics.
Our trip to Colorado was loooooooong, but enjoyable. Jeremy did not get to go at the last minute, so we were all sad, but thank goodness for my dad. He was a HUGE help in both New Mexico and Colorado. We had so much fun, we went canoeing--- Chase had no fear as usualy and the water was ice cold, we played putt putt golf, went swimming, went hiking,etc. It was awesome. I am not sure I am fully rested yet, but it was worth it.


Preston will enter 1st grade this year and has had a very busy summer. He joined a swim team the day after t-ball ended. He has placed 1st in almost all meets in his free style and backstroke. He placed 2nd and 3rd in regionals and has one last meet this weekend. I think we will get a little break after that before winter ball.


Chase loves this outfit and wants to wear it all the time so I let him wear it to his Pre-K graduation. Chase will start Kindergarten in the fall. I hope his teacher has lots of patience. He always has something to say about everything. :-)

Where's Brennon?

One day we were looking everywhere for Brennon and could not find him and then we heard candy wrappers, so we looked in the pantry behind the kitchen table and sure enough there he was enjoying the "hidden" candy bucket. He did not even care that we found him---he had found the jackpot. He did not even open the wrappers. Ha ha

The boys

Wow how time flies!!! The boys have grown soooo much, Chase just turned 5, Preston is almost 7 and Brennon is almost 2. This pic was just tooo cute of the boys I wanted to share.

I finally remembered my password

Ok so I finally remembered the password. Yeah Me. I will download some pictures and post a few new blogs.
For those of you that were at the reunion it sure was great to see you guys. We love everyone and I will post some new pics in a minute.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween pics

Here are a few pictures of the kids at a pumpkin patch and in their costumes, Preston was a sumo wrestler, Chase was an astronaut and Brennon was Pooh.